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 Namsen Salmon Aquarium

Namsen Salmon Aquarium is located at Fiskumfossen next to Namsen, about 15 km north of Grong. The aquarium offers experiences for eye, ear and palate, you might even learn something new? Are you in Grong or running through E6, it´s hard not to notice the salmon on the roof of the building at Fiskumfossen waterfall.

In Nedre Fiskumfoss it built a salmon ladder (293 meters, 77 ponds with a height difference of 34.5 meters). This is one of the longest salmon stairs. A salmon ladder is easily explained a device that is made for the salmon to be able to negotiate obstacles in the river, and thus make a further part of the river salmon . Adjacent to the salmon ladder in Fiskum falls (in one of the upper pools) it built an "Salmon studio" where you can experience first hand the salmon on their journey upriver. The salmon ladder and associated salmon facility is located across the river in relation to the aquarium. It is easy to find by following the signs on the bridge over the waterfall, which is an experience in itself!

The salmon ladder is one of the longest in Europe with its 293 meters. Only the last 90 meters are visible, and in the upper deep pool is set into the glass. It stops the salmon often before it goes to the spawning areas in Upper Namsen.

A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, fish pass or fish steps, is a structure on or around artificial and natural barriers (such as dams, locks and waterfalls) to facilitate diadromous fishes" natural migration. Most fishways enable fish to pass around the barriers by swimming and leaping up a series of relatively low steps (hence the term ladder) into the waters on the other side. The velocity of water falling over the steps has to be great enough to attract the fish to the ladder, but it cannot be so great that it washes fish back downstream or exhausts them to the point of inability to continue their journey upriver.

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