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 The Orkla River

Orkla is the longest river in Sør-Trøndelag. The 179-kilometre long river follows the Orkdalen valley, discharging into the Orkdalsfjord, an arm of the Trondheimsfjord, at the village of Orkanger. The river originates in the lake Orkelsjøen in Oppdal. The river runs through the municipalities of Oppdal, Tynset, Rennebu, Meldal, and Orkdal. Major villages along the river include: Orkanger, Fannrem, Vormstad, Svorkmo, Storås, Meldal, Å and Rennebu and Berkåk.

The Orkla River, which is regarded as one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Norway. Due to its big salmon, good runs, easy access and availability of fishing permits, it has become very popular among Norwegian as well as international anglers. The total salmon running stretch is 88 kilometres from the fjord near the town of Orkanger, through the valley comprising the districts of Orkdal, Meldal and Rennebu, and ends at Stoin, near the village of Ulsberg. Fishing arrangements are a combination of day permits on public beats in addition to private beats, most often combined with guiding, good accommodation and half/full board arrangements. The Aunan beat is one of the most spectacular stretches of fly-water you are likely to come across.

The river is regulated by five power generation reservoirs, which were built between 1978 and 1985. The fishing season commences 1 June and ends 31 August during which time the salmon and the pursuing anglers have been tested to the limit of very variable conditions - high river with cold snow-melted water during the first part of the season, stable water and weather conditions during the middle part and often warm/hot weather in August with a low-flowing and clear river as a result. However, as with most hydro power regulated rivers, Orkla is one of the most stable rivers in Norway as far as water-level goes, allowing exiting fishing even under different conditions.

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