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 The Hitra Tunnel

Hitra covers the island Hitra and several smaller islands, and is part of the Fosen region and is bordered by Frøya to the north. Hitra is the seventh largest island in mainland Norway, and the largest island south of the Arctic Circle. It lies between the Trondheimsleia and the Frøyfjorden.

Other than Hitra, there are many other islands in the municipality, notably Fjellværsøya, Ulvøya, Dolmøya, Helgbustadøya, and Bispøyan. The Børøyholmen lighthouse and Terningen lighthouse are located in the Trondheimsleia in the southeast part of Hitra.

The Hitra Tunnel connects Hitra to the mainland to the south and the Frøya Tunnel connects Hitra to Frøya to the north. The 5,645 metres long tunnel reaches a depth of 264 metres below sea level, making it the deepest tunnel in the world when it was built. The tunnel begins in Hitra on the island of Jøsnøya. The tunnel then runs under the Trondheimsleia to the island of Hemnskjela in Snillfjord. There is a small bridge connecting Hemnskjela to the mainland.

The Frøya Tunnel is an undersea tunnel connecting Frøya and Hitra. It begins in Hammarvika in Frøya and travels south under the Frøyfjorden to the island of Dolmøya in Hitra.

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