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Lærdalselva (also Lærdalselvi) is a river in Lærdal and flows from the western parts of Filefjell and Hemsedalfjell and out in Lærdalsfjord, an arm of the Sognefjord. The rivers Mørkedøla and Smeddalselva are two of the largest tributaries and end in Lærdalselva by Borlaug.

The river is part of Lærdal river, the largest river system in Sogn og Fjordane. Ask a Norwegian about Lærdal, and he will probably mention three things, Salmon, the Borgund Stave church and the old roads.

Lærdalselva is significantly large salmon river. The river has been frequented by many of the world´s biggest celebrities and royalty over the past 100 years. Norway´s King Harald V has regularly fished in the river since the 1970s. The tradition of sport fishing and anglers started with British lords in the 1850s. The river is often referred to as the "Queen of salmon rivers."

The river has shaped the valley through Lærdal. The story tells of constant and sometimes violent floods. The river often took new races, which explains why more farms today have properties on both sides of the river.

The Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre is a visiting centre and exhibition about the Atlantic salmon, located on the banks of the River Lærdalselvi. Here you will learn about the history of the Atlantic salmon and traditions associated with it. A Museum with films and stories about how the English lords game to Lærdal and started sports fishing in the 1850´s.

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