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The village of Kjerringøy is located about 30 kilometres north of the town of Bodø, along the Karlsøyfjorden. Kjerringøy has many scenic jewels that tempt the rambler. Middagshaugen, Kvarven and Tverelvskardet are just some of the popular destinations nearby. Middagshaugen is a hill south of Kjerringøy village which is popular for its fine view.

The well-marked path is steep and winding. There is parking near the start of the trail, by the entrance to the cemetery in Mølndalen. Be sure to sign the guest book at the summit. There is also a clearly marked path from the Kjerringøy vicarage.

Step ashore at Kjerringøy, enjoy the variety and contrasts of nature and find your very own holiday paradise! A new building, the Zahlfjøset barn, opens this summer. It will house workshops for craftsmen, a boatbuilder´s workshop, and a library. At Kjerringøy. there is a camp site, cafés, grocery and shops, petrol station etc.

Author Knut Hamsun visited Kjerringøy in 1879 and found inspiration and encouragement for his writing. Later, several of his novels were dramatised and filmed here. "Rosa and Benoni" and "The Telegraphist" based on the novel "Dreamers", and "Pan" which was filmed for the second time on Kjerringøy in 1994.

The sea eagle circles over the trading post and the spectacular natural scenery. Soothing white beaches and smooth rocks invite you to slow down and take it easy. Steep untouched mountainsides offer a challenge to the active visitor with a liking for rambling and rock climbing. Fjords, rivers and lakes full of fish are ideal for boating and canoeing. And everywhere there are vast forests and meadows where those who listen closely, as Hamsun did, can still hear Pan playing his flute...

Kjerringøy welcomes visitors to the world of Hamsun. The old buildings and furnishings at Kjerringøy Old Trading Post have been preserved as they stood on Hamsun´s first visit, more than a hundred years ago. Visitors are given a glimpse of Northern Norway´s cultural history and the lives of servants and masters at this old trading post in the north.

During the 19th century, Kjeningøy was one of the wealthiest trading posts in Nordland tounty. Fifteen of the old buildings are still intact, with virtually complete original furnishings. In 1997, "Nyfjøset", a service facility that also houses exhibitions, lecture rooms, a cafe, kiosk and Tourist Information, opened. The exterior of Nyfjøset is an exact copy of the old barn that was torn down in 1892.

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