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zakarias dam

The Zakarias Dam, a concrete dam in Tafjord is Europes second-highest magazine dam, 96 meter high built in 1967. It accumulates water for electricity production in Tafjord. Access to dam causeway.


The Galerie Tafjord is placed near the top of the valley next to the Zakarias Dam. The exhibition building spans elegantly between the steep stone walls in front of the dam. Here, all of the elements of the project come together in one place.

Water at elevation; art together with the mountains that inspired it; a dramatic valley, and the rockslide prone cliff walls. In the spirit of pioneer hydro-electric development the building is a piece of engineering-art. Detailed in steel and glass with a high level of transparency the building dissolves the division between the visitor, the constructed and natural surroundings.

For most the dam and exhibition building will be the apex of their travels through Galerie Tafjord. But, it also serves as a portal to the rich and beautiful natural and cultural experiences that the mountains above contain. The main purpose for the building is a theme exebithion about nature, art and technology.


A hotel is planned to be built at the top of the damconstruction. The building will consist of 40 cells, in wich you can experience the tension and silence of this special place. At the end of the curve the gallery and the hotel is connected with a shared entrance, foyer and restaurant.


The fjord, rivers and mountain lakes, everywhere you go in Norddal you´ll find places to swim, but it is icy cold. At Tafjord is the only outdoor swimming pool in Sunnmøre. Open to the general public during the entire Summer.

The striking contrasts between fjord and alpine peak, and between fertile fields and snow and ice, are characteristic of the Tafjordfjella mountains. The gateway to this mountain kingdom, Tafjord, lies in the furthest reaches of Norddal municipality. From here you can pick and choose from a variety of tour alternatives.

The tourism association has marked trails between the cabins in the area, where some are more difficult and others easier going. For those of you who prefer to use a tent and find your own paths, it is merely a matter of doing just that! The highest peaks are located almost 2000 metres above sea level: Puttegga (1.999 m.a.s.l.), Karitinden (1.982 m.a.s.l.), Torsnos (1.975 m.a.s.l.).

The buildings lie well hidden out of sight from the fjord. From the boatshed there is a man-made path up to the farm. Terraces surround the farmyard at several levels.

The buildings are still there, but the people have moved out. Kvernhusneset, Osvika, Kastet and Korsneset lie like pearls on a string on the southern side of the Storfjord between Norddal and Tafjord. You need boat transport to reach these. But there are other alternatives.

From Kilsti in Eidsdal it is possible to walk to Ospahjell, Verpesdalen and Skrednakken. Nevertheless, the mountain farm in Muldalen is the easiest to gain access to. In order to come here you can drive from Valldal towards Tafjord.

Before Tafjord you will catch sight of Muldalsvika. From there it is possible to walk along the tractor road past the 200 metre tall Muldalsfossen waterfall and continue up to the farms. For those who will, the entire mountain realm lies before you further in the valley.