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 Neidenelva River

The Neidenelva River or Näätämö River is a river that is located in Finland´s Lapland, north of Lake Inari. It flows from Lake Iijärvi in Inari Municipality and into Norway´s Sør-Varanger and it empties into the Neidenfjorden, an arm off the main Varangerfjorden.

The portion of the river within Finland is approximately 50 kilometre long and drops down approximately 130 metres from the elevation of Lake Iijärvi. At several spots, the river widens into lakes, of which the largest are Lakes Kaarttilompolo, Vuodasluobal, and Opukas.

Based on annual catch, Neidenelva River is Norway´s third most productive river for salmon fishing. Atlantic salmon, lake trout, sea trout, graylings and pike are all indigenous species.

Neidenfjorden is a part of Kjøfjorden, a fjord of Varangerfjorden in Sør-Varanger. The fjord stretches 6.5 kilometers southwest to the start of the Munkfjorden at the end of the fjord. Neidenfjorden inlet between Braselvneset in the west and Buholmen in the east.

There are some farms on both sides of the bay, but primarily on the east side there including the small hamlet Stonga located. Neidenfjorden ends in the south at the mouth of Neidenelva River which flows into the western side by Mikkelsnes.

The Varangerfjorden is the easternmost fjord in Norway. The Varangerfjorden is located in Finnmark county between the Varanger and the mainland of Norway. The fjord flows through the municipalities of Vardø, Vadsø, Nesseby, and Sør-Varanger. The fjord is approximately 100 kilometres long, emptying into the Barents Sea. In a strict sense, it is a false fjord, since it does not have the hallmarks of a fjord carved by glaciers.

Its mouth is about 70 kilometres wide, located between the town of Vardø in the northwest and the village of Grense Jakobselv in the southeast. The fjord stretches westwards inland past the town of Vadsø to the village of Varangerbotn.

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