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 Stryneelva River

Stryneelva is a river in Stryn. It has a length of about eight kilometers, starting from Oppstrynsvatn, assuming a meandering course through the valley of Strynedalen and reaching the fjord of Nordfjorden at the village of Stryn.

The Stryn river has its springs in the Jotunheimen National Park, is 20 kilometres long and is famous for its green/blue coloured water which is due to melting snow and ice from a number of glaciers. Because of these melt waters, the Stryn River usually has a good water level throughout the fishing season.

The river is among the best salmon rivers in Norway. The river is renowned for its big salmon stocks. The biggest salmon ever caught on the Stryn River weighed in at 29.5 kilos. The river also has big sea trout and the largest ever caught weighed 14 kilos.

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