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 Vosso river

Vosso is a river in Voss. The river flows from Tvildemoen at Vigan, where Strandaelvi river and Raundalselvi river meet, through Vangsvatnet and Evangervatnet before it joins the Bolstadfjorden by Bolstadøyri. The river has a catchment area of 1.497 km2.

One of the things Bolstadøyri has is the great Bolstadelva river. Vosso salmon is one of the most famous big salmon populations in the country and is in class by itself even at a global level when it comes to Atlantic salmon.

Bolstadfjorden lies in both Vaksdal and Voss. Two of the straits is only 100 meters wide. At the mouth of a 7,000 year old settlement, Skipshelleren.

Vosso river was formerly known major salmon river, known for the famous Vosso salmon and was much used, among other things, of the English salmon lords, now Sea trout fishery of the greatest importance. There is ongoing work to accrue salmon stocks again, where the famous Vosso salmon is key.

Salmon and sea trout fishing is the jewel of the Norwegian sportfishing industry, and river landowners in Voss and Bolstad historically made significant money from renting their sections of river to rich Englishmen. If salmon restoration is successful in the Vosso river, these landowners stand to gain significant income from this sportfishery once again.

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