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 Hellesylt waterfall

Hellesylt waterfall is one of the most photographed motifs in the area. In the centre of the village, between two bridges (Høge bridge from 1907 and Hellesylt bridge from 1902) the water masses cascade down the polished granite stones and towards the fjord, dividing the litte town centre in two. It is an impressive sight in the early summer during the snow thaw period. It can often be quite a squeeze among the tourists that are eager to capture this rare natural attraction!

Hellesylt is located at the end of Geirangerfjorden, has long traditions as a cruise destination, and is well known as the starting or ending point of the famous and classic overland excursion to Geiranger. Hellesylt lies at the head of the Sunnylvsfjorden, which is a branch of the Storfjorden, and which the more famous Geirangerfjorden in turn branches off nearby. Hellesylt is well known for for its colorful history, and in the old street most of the old buildings are still intact.

In the summertime, thousands of tourists travel through or stay in Hellesylt each day. Most of them take the ferry to the nearby Geiranger, which in high season runs every one and a half hours. The village is surrounded by mountains and valleys. The Sunnylven Church is located in Hellesylt, which was the administrative center of the former municipality of Sunnylven.

Hellesylt is under constant threat from the mountain Åkerneset, which is about to erode into the Sunnylvsfjord. A collapse could cause a tsunami destroying most of downtown Hellesylt.

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