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 Osfossen waterfall

Osfossen waterfall at Osen is among the most famous waterfalls in Gaularvassdraget and is easily accessible off Highway 610 Osen Bridge (Rv 57) passes just above the falls. Osfossen is the last waterfall in the Gaula river before running out of Dalsfjorden. It is approx. 500 meters from the foot of the falls to the Dalsfjorden. The first power plant in Gaularvassdraget occurred in 1912, when the farmer Halvor Lervik built power plants under Osfossen.

The oldest salmon ladder, built in 1870, is on the south side of the falls. The salmon ladder are also probably the third oldest ladder in the world. The ladder was designed by Irish salmon fisherman William T. Potts in collaboration with fisheries consultant Carl Bruun. The ladder are blasted out of the rock and bring the fish up a drop of 11.5 meters, the length of the stairs is about. 45 meters, and it has gradient near 1:4.

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