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 Figgjo river

Figgjo river flows from Edlandsvatnet at Ålgård through Figgjo and Sele. Sele is one of several nice spots with good conditions for surfing. The Figgjo river is popular for fishing and is one of the 10 - 15 greatest salmon rivers. It has a length of 42.2 km and has a vertical drop of 104 meters.

The river was the basis for industry Ålgård and Figgjo. On Ålgård Ole Nielsen bought the rights to Edlandsfossen waterfall and started up De Forenede Ullvarefabrikker (5 factorys shut down in the 90s). Earlier it was also fished for eels.

Sele is the lower part of Figgjoelva river, from the end and about 3 km up. This area is divided into 4 fishing zones where the bottom is Zone 1, which is famous for its excellent fly fishing. The fishing involves both sides of the river, but it is fished mostly from only one side in order to avoid kinds of equipent occur.

Most of the river stretch is relatively slow flowing stream with some small parties. The river is dependent on rainfall, but the fish often go on the river at incredibly low water so that it is always fish on this stretch.

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