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 Suldalslågen river

Suldal is a municipality in the northeast of Rogaland county, is with its 1736 km2 the biggest in Rogaland. Sand is the administrative center of Suldal.

In the north, the municipality is bordered by Sauda and Odda, in the east by Vinje and Bykle, in the south by Hjelmeland, and in the west by Vindafjord. Across the Jelsafjorden and Vindafjorden lie Finnøy and Tysvær.

The Sandsfjord and Hylsfjord lie within Suldal, as does lake Suldalsvatnet. The Saudafjord lies partially within the boundary of Suldal. The Erfjord and the lakes Blåsjø, Holmavatnet, and Holmevatnet also lie on the boundary of Suldal.

The Suldalslågen river is one of Norway´s most famous Atlantic salmon rivers. In Sand there is a salmon studio in Sandsfossen. Watch the fish on their way upstream through a large, underwater window. This year there is a new exhibtion on fishing, research and the history of the river.

Suldalslågen has a natural watershed of 1463 km² of which 75 % is above timberline in high mountain areas, making it western Norway´s largest river.

The Suldalslågen and upstream watercourse is heavily dammed and regulated (including transfer of water across catchmetn borders) for hydroelectric power generation, and represents 6 % of Norway´s total hydroelectric power generation. One of the regulated reservoirs, lake Suldalsvatn lies 22 km above the mouth of the river at Sand village on the Hylsfjord.

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