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 Marit Elisabeth Larsen

Marit Larsen was born in Lørenskog, and is a singer and songwriter. She began playing violins at age of 5, and played it until the age of 8. She gained international fame during her teenage years as a member of the pop duo M2M with childhood friend Marion Raven. More recently she has pursued her own music career releasing her solo debut album, Under the Surface, in 2006. Her second album, The Chase, was released in October 2008. The third album, titled Spark was released in December 2011.

As a singer/songwriter, Larsen was a record industry success by the age of 13. Larsen released her debut album with longtime friend Marion Raven at 12. The children´s music project was nominated for several awards, including Norway´s Grammy equivalent. With a healthy success to their credit, Marit and Marion chose to dedicate their efforts to the pop music world.

Their band, M2M, was signed to Atlantic Records, and the pair spent the next few years on international performance and promotional tours, rock stars at 16. Strained and frustrated, two years later Marit and Marion dropped the project entirely. After the group´s disintegration, Larsen nearly abandoned professional music altogether.

After taking a few years away from the spotlight, Larsen returned to writing songs, something she had done for personal satisfaction for years. As she developed a new catalog of material, the next step toward a solo career became clear. Larsen began recording her first solo record, which would ultimately be released in 2006 under the title "Under the Surface". Primarily written on mandolin and piano, the folk-oriented English-language record marked a decidedly different stylistic direction for the onetime would-be pop diva.

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