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 Ramnefjellsfossen waterfall

Loen is located in the inner part of the Nordfjord region, at the easternmost end of the Nordfjorden. Loen is located about 6 kilometres north of Olden and about 11 kilometres southeast of Stryn. The Lovatnet lake is located just to the southeast of Loen. The Hotel Alexandra was established in Loen in 1884. The historic Loen Church is also located in the village.

Loen Skylift will bring you from the fjord to the top of Hoven mountain (1011 meters) in only 5 minutes, and is one of the steepest cable cars in the world. The ride takes 5-7 minutes one way. Loen Skylift run continously during operating hours, without fixed departures.

Some of the oldest farms in Norway lies in Loen: Sæten, Tjugen and Loen. They were probably established long before the time of Christianity. Much of the upper Loen valley was devastated from two rockfall slides (one in 1905 and one in 1936) that created huge waves that swept with them most of the houses and vegetation. A total of 135 people were killed in these two incidents.

Some nearby attractions include the Jostedalsbreen nasjonalparksenter museum, Jostedalsbreen National Park, the Skåla mountain, the Skålatårnet tower, the Tindefjellbreen glacier and the Ramnefjellsfossen waterfall. Every year there is a race from Loen up the Skåla mountain.

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