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titran old fishing village

Titran lies on the southern most point on Frøya. It is an old fishing village with about 130 inhabitants. On October 13, 1899, 150 fishermen lost their lives in a very heavy storm at sea off the coast of Titran. There is a memorial monument at the chapel in Titran that commemorates those who died. Their names are engraved on the monument.

Titran is also known for its experimental wind mill energy production. There are 2 windmills. The tallest windmill is 32 meters high and can produce 4000 kW.

Sletringen Lighthouse


Stabben Fortress is a coastal fortress built during the second world war, by Russian and Serbian prisoners.
  The main industry on Frøya is fish farming. Frøya has developed into one of Norway´s foremost aquacultural municipalities with all its fish farming and related businesses. Commercial fishing has a long tradition on Frøya, Sula, Mausund and Sørburøy in Froan.

Frøya is the biggest fishing county in Sør-Trøndelag. One hundred and eighty fishermen are dependent on fish as their main source of income. In agriculture there are 65 active farmers that keep livestock.



There are 163 fresh water lakes and ponds; many of them have trout in them. Angling is possible from shore in the current off Kvennøya. A boat trip passing all the islands, islets and skerries is an extraordinary experience.

Here you have great possibilities to really catch big sized cod, saithe, haddock and different kinds of shellfish. You can also fish from land. The local boat has daily trips to Mausund, Sula and Froan, where there are also possibilities for outdoor activities.


The tunnel from Hitra to Frøya is the world´s deepest tunnel. The tunnel is 264 meters below sea level and 5,6 kilometres long.