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 North Sea

Skudefestivalen is an annual festival held during the first week of July in Skudeneshavn. It is the largest gathering of coastal culture in Western Norway with boats of all categories: vintage boats of all categories - old wooden boats, vintage boats, modern boats, sailing boats, tall ships. Craftsmen demonstrate handcrafts from olden days connected to sea and shipping. International and national artists entertain in the evenings.

The North Sea was the centre of the Vikings rise. The eastern and western coasts of the North Sea are jagged, formed by glaciers during the ice ages. The coastlines along the southernmost part are covered with the remains of deposited glacial sediment. The Norwegian mountains plunge into the sea creating deep fjords and archipelagos. The protective sounds of Smedasund and Karmsund gave the town potential to grow in both fishing and shipping. Even to this day, Karmsund is one of Norway´s busiest waterways. South of Stavanger, the coast softens, the islands become fewer.

Did you know that the copper of the Statue of Liberty in New York came from Karmøy? Only a few people know that the Vinsnes mine, at the turn of the century was northern Europes largest mining community, supplied a number of projects with copper, among them the Statue of Liberty. The mines has since been transformed into an attractive museum.

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