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 Mandalselva river

Mandalselva river is a river originating in the mountains between Ose in Setesdal and Upper Sirdal, and it runs through the counties of Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder and out to the North sea by Mandal.

Mandalselva river is 115 km long and flows through the municipalities Åseral, Audnedal, Marnardal and Mandal. The largest tributaries are Monn, Logna, Skjerka, Kosåna, Logåna and Røyselandsbekken. Skjerka, Monn and Logna runs all out in Ørenatn lake in Åseral, and from the mouth of the Øre is the name of the river Mandalselva river.

Hydropower development of the river on a larger scale started in 1930. At present there are six power plants in the river: Logna, Smeland, Skjerka, Håverstad, Bjelland and Laudal. In flood periods at spring and autumn water flow can be far greater.

The original salmon stocks are extinct as a result of acid rain, but extensive liming has led to a better environment in the river, and a new salmon stocks are established. It was caught 8.4 tonnes of salmon and sea trout in Mandalselva in 2011.

Southern Norway has some of the best salmon rivers in Norway. Here we got a variety of small and bigger rivers within a short distance. The rivers offers varied fishing from the sea to the upper reaches of rivers where the salmon´s journey ends. The rivers are very suitable for salmon angling and with plenty of good pools, rapids and small waterfalls - often ideal for flyfishing.

Many of the rivers are split into several sub-zones. Fishing licenses can be purchased at our web-site and at local dealers. In addition to salmon fishing several of the river offers fishing for sea trout, trout, perch, whitefish and char.

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