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old town

The Old Town, with its fortresses, is a great monument of the past, and it is unique of its kind. Most other fortresses like this have been destroyed in the name of progress, but Fredrikstad have managed to preserve the memories of the 18th century, much to our enjoyment. The Old Town on the east bank of the river is the real pearl in Fredrikstad.

  Construction started in 1663 when the town was built according to General Cicignon´s plan. This famous city planner and architect from Luxembourg was responsible for the construction of Old Fredrikstad, and for other Norwegian cities as well.

In 300 years, The Old Town has seen little change. The renaissance buildings, the gates, the drawbridge, the moat and the cobbled streets make this beautiful area the best preserved fortress town in Scandinavia.

There are 4,9 kilometres of pedestrian trails around The Old Town. If you come here on a Saturday in the summer or autumn time, you may have luck and find something you cherish at the weekly market at the Market Place next to the statue of king Fredrik Il.

kongsten fortress


Kongsten Fortress outside The Old City dates back to 1685. The Old Town in Fredrikstad with all its beauty hides a well-preserved fortress, placed approximately 500 metres east of the town. This is Kongsten Fort, aka "Swedish-scare".

The fortress thrones majestically on a bluff that was given the name Gallows Hill because it was used as the place of execution where the lawless citizens of the town had to end their lives in the gallows.

Today, Kongsten Fort is part of Fredrikstad Museum and owned by the council (since 1942). In the summer you can take part in one of the many guided tours that are arranged. As already mentioned the Supplies Magazine is being let to the public. In the summer there´s a cafeteria in the Colonel´s house.

The council has taken good care of Kongsten Fort. The fortress is scheduled as an ancient monument. Its beautiful and majestic position on the bluff invites both young and old to explore it.