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 Notodden Blues Festival

Notodden Blues Festival (NBF) is one of the largest blues music festivals in Europe and the largest in Scandinavia. The festival is held in Notodden, usually in early August. It has been running annually since 1988. The festival does not aim to be the biggest of its type, but to become Europe’s "largest blues experience", which is reflected in their emphasis on quality over quantity.

In 1988, thirteen local blues enthusiasts gave their personal guarantee to the bank and were granted a cash credit, and the first Notodden Blues Festival took place. The credit from the bank turned out to be unnecessary, and the festival soon became one of Norway´s most popular music festivals. Today, the Notodden Blues Festival is the largest "pure" blues festival in Scandinavia, expanding from 2,000 sold tickets to 24,500 sold tickets in 17 years.

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