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 Sea Eagle
 Haliaeetus albicilla

The White-tailed Eagle also called the Sea Eagle, and White-tailed Sea-eagle is a large bird of prey in the family Accipitridae which includes other raptors such as hawks, kites, and harriers. It is considered a close cousin of the Bald Eagle and occupies the same ecological niche, but in Eurasia. The White-tailed Eagle is a very large bird. It measures 66 - 94 cm in length with a 1.78 - 2.45 meters wingspan. The wingspan, with a midpoint of 2.18 meters is on average the largest of any eagle.

The largest bird population in Europe is found along the coast of Norway. Virtually any fish found near the surface is potential prey for the White-tailed eagle. Commercial fisheries and carp ponds are readily exploited by the eagles when available.

Bodø is known as the town of the sea eagle, and nowhere in the world is there a larger stock of this majestic bird. Daily these huge birds are observed soaring high above the town or perthed on rocks on the islands near Bodø. The Sea Eagle Society is an exclusive club that aims to protect the sea eagle and to inform the public about this proud bird.

The society also supports various creative endeavours. Membership is available only to those who have actually been in Bodø and have seen the sea eagle in its natural environment. Membership in the Sea Eagle Society is available at Destinasjon Bodø and at the Norwegian Aviation Museum.

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