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Røst is part of the traditional district of Lofoten. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Røstlandet. There are 365 islands and skerries in the municipality situated some 100 kilometres off the mainland, at the southwestern tip of the Lofoten island chain in the Vestfjorden. Skomvær Lighthouse is located in the southern part of the municipality on the small island of Skomvær.

Røst is one of the few bird watching localities in Norway that is known worldwide. The seabird colonies that are to be found are regarded as internationally important. The island offers a range of habitats, and as one would expect, a stop-over point for many species that are migrating even further north.

During the last few years, birders have been showing an interest for Røst during the autumn, producing a whole range of rarities. The municipality also has one of the biggest bird cliffs in the North Atlantic, with puffin colonies, as well as colonies of shag, kittiwake, and cormorants.

The artist Theodor Kittelsen lived at Skomvær for almost two years towards the end of the 1880s. He has rendered his experiences in both drawing and writing.

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