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 Ringsaker municipality

Ringsaker is Norway´s largest farming district. And everything else here is "big", ranging from friendly shorelines with rocky islets, through rolling fields and meadows, hill slopes and rock-faces, to moors and mountains, truly a Norway in miniature. The large farms of Ringsaker are among the oldest in the country. Several of them are mentioned in the Old Norse sagas, and when they open their doors for guests the term "farm tourism" takes on a new dimension traditional food in splendid surroundings, with guided tours of the buildings illustrating the history and cultural heritage of Norway.

Mjøsa is Norway´s largest lake, as well as the one of the deepest lakes in Europe, after Hornindalsvatnet. From its southernmost point at Minnesund to its northernmost point in Lillehammer it is 117 km long. At its widest, near Hamar, it is 15 km wide. Today, aside from minor leisure boating and the steamship Skibladner, there is no water traffic on the lake. Most of its shores are dominated by rolling agricultural areas, among them some of the most fertile grainlands in Norway. From the south European route E6 runs along the eastern shore of the lake until the Mjøsa Bridge connects Moelv on the east with Biri on the west.

The poet and troubador Alf Prøysen is dear to the hearts of all Norwegians. His lowly birthplace at Rudshøgda is a major tourist attraction. Prøysen was one of the most important Norwegian cultural personalities in the second half of the twentieth century, and he made significant contributions to literature, music, TV and radio. As the youngest of four children, Prøysen was very close to his mother Julie. His childhood was typical for those of the husmann class; the landless lower class of rural Norway.

Nordseter and Sjusjøen were originally mountain farm communities, which - with their easily accessible forest and mountain terrain - have developed into skiing destinations. The area offers a wide range of skiing alternatives, including approximately 350 km of prepared cross-country trails. This is the biggest cross country skiing terrain in the world. The tracks run all the way to Lillehammer and Øyer, and connect with the Olympic tracks at the Birkebeineren Ski Stadium. The trails go through forested and mountain terrain, and are clearly signposted.

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