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What is often referred to as "Norway´s narrowest valley" - Norangsdalen. Because of its shape and location, this valley is often closed in winter. The valley bears the scars of the battle against the forces of nature. At lake Jelskred, the bottom of the valley is full of scree. At Urasætra and Stavbergsætra, the houses were built into the ground as protection against landslides. The lake known as Lygnstøylvatnet was formed by a rock fall from Keipen in 1908. Beneath the waters of the lake, you can still see remains of the old road, the foundations of the farmhouses and the gateway.

There is a breath of history over the name Norangsdalen. At the turn of the 18th century, tourist ships anchored up at Øye. Many a famous name was transported by pony and trap along the ancient road through the valley to Hellesylt. Afther the "Silver cruise" in 1993 to celebrate the Silver wedding of the King and Queen, Norangsdalen was given the name "The Queen Route". The famous Hotel Union Øye is an attraction in itself. The hotel was "discovered" by Europe´s aristocracy and social elite in 1881, and has since then welcomed many famous Kaisers and Kings.

The village Urke has become better known after Hurtigruten started going into Hjørunfjorden in 2012. The village is named after the torrential river Urkeelva. One of the few farms that survived the Plague was located here. The eight farmhouses at Haukåssætra were restored in the 1990s. Urke is an excellent starting point for many mountain hikes of various difficulties, while Urkedalen can offer easier hikes. In the winter the terrain is great for summit hikes on skis.

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