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Åkrehamn or Åkrahamn (Åkra) is a small town located on the west side of Karmøy. It is part of the traditional district of Haugaland. Nearby cities include Haugesund, Kopervik and Skudeneshavn. Åkra has blossomed and is now the largest town in the municipality of Karmøy.

The good economy of Norway has brought capital and investments to Åkra, and in the last couple of years, the town has been expanded. Apartments and houses have been built and new fields of industry has been introduced. Traditionally Kopervik has been the "centre" of Karmøy, but the way that Åkra is growing, this seems to be changing.

Åkrasanden beach is a the local windsurf/kitesurf and a public recreation area. The dunes are a rare habitat in Norway. In Rogaland, we find many small dunes. Åkrasanden is well known for the plant life found there. In the area you will find both typical dune species and rare flowers that only can grow room a few places in the country. At times you will find a rich bird life on Åkrasanden.

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