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 Arne Helge Fredly

Arne Fredly is a stock trader and and investor. He is the son of an agronomist and former mayor of Molde, Asmund Fredly and holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen.

Arne Fredly broker started his career at Alfred Berg as 24-year-old and was there for 4 years. Later he went to Jan Petter Colliers brokerage Sundal Collier. For a long time he was the best-paid broker with annual salaries up to 45 million.

He has built up a large capital base and currently runs his own investment fund. Fredly invests mainly in equities and real estate, but also had profits earlier on car sales. He has rarely agreed to be interviewed by the press, but figures from time to time in the newspapers through investments, major property purchases and car purchases. Fredly moved in 2001 to Monaco for economic reasons.

Fredly is known for his passion for fast cars. In May 2007 he bought Michael Schumacher´s old Ferrari Formula 1 car in 2005 for 16 million. He has also recently paid over 10 million for the world´s fastest production car a "Bugatti Veyron" and a total of a collection of over 15 super sports cars.

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