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Film from the middle of Buskerud (Modum, Sigdal and Krødsherad).The magnificent natural surroundings have attracted artists and inspired many well known works of art. Sigdal and Eggedal has two of the best preserved homes of artists from the Golden Age of Norwegian art, Theodor Kittetsen´s home, Lauvlia, and Christian Skredsvig´s home, Hagan.

The rivers, with their many rapids, provide beautiful scenery and recreation as well as having been the basis for industry in Modum since the 16th century. First the saw-mills, then Blaafarveværket (the cobolt mine works), and later the wood-processing industry have all been dependent on the rivers. The inclusion of the rivers in the municipal coat of arms is, therefore, no surprise.

Vikersund is the starting point for the longest museum in the country, the Krøder railway line. Norway´s longest museum railway line, runs between Vikersund and Krøderen. The veteran train is a living museum. 26 kilometers of smoke and steam.

Vikersund is also the home of the only skiflying arena in Northern Europe and the Vikersund Slope. The big ski-fly slope makes Vikersund Jump Center a literally great sight both in summer and winter. The ski-fly slope has a critical point of 185 meters. The record for the slope was 219 meters, set by Roland Müller i 2004. Modum has had its own World Champion in ski-flying, Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl.

In 2011 Vikersund, become the largest ski jumping hill in the World. On February 11th 2011 the Norwegian jumper Johan Remen Evensen jump the world´s largest ski-jump 246,5 meters in Vikersundbakken. Johan Remen Evensen from Molde is now the man who has the 2 longest flights in the world at 243 and 246.5 meters.

Simostranda village is located by the river Simões along county road 287, and is most famous for the biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen.

The municipality has been a popular health resort since the middle of the last century with Modum Bad, Vikersund Bad and several convalescent homes. The stable, healthy climate has attracted many visitors. Modum Bads Nervesanatorium, a psyciatric hospital and family therapy-center, is found here, too. Most of the jobs in Vikersund are within the municipal sector, in commerce, at health institutes, in industry and in agriculture and silviculture.

Tyrifjorden (Lake Tyri) is Norway´s fifth largest lake with an area of 137 km2. It is 295 meters deep at its deepest, and lies 63 meters above sea level. The lake´s primary source is the Begna river, which discharges into Tyrifjorden at Hønefoss where the river forms the Hønefossen waterfall. Its primary outlet is at Geithus near the lake´s southwest corner, where Tyrifjorden discharges into the Drammenselva river.

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