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 Johan Remen Evensen

In 2011 Vikersund, become the largest ski jumping hill in the World. On February 11th 2011 the Norwegian jumper Johan Remen Evensen jump the world´s largest ski-jump 246,5 meters in Vikersundbakken. Johan Remen Evensen from Molde is now the man who has the 2 longest flights in the world at 243 and 246.5 meters.

The big ski-fly slope makes Vikersund Jump Center a literally great sight both in summer and winter. The ski-fly slope has a critical point of 185 meters. The record for the slope was 219 meters, set by Roland Müller i 2004. Modum has had its own World Champion in ski-flying, Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl.

Vikersund Alpincenter have 1 ski lift and 2 runs in difficulty levels, the lies close to Tyrifjorden Hotel. The skiing area ranges from an altitude of 800 to 1.600 metres, and the terrain is varied with lots of features for snowboarders and freestylers.

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