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The Huffington post has Nordfjord as The Most Relaxing Places On Earth. Some days you just need to sit back and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Whether it´s an oceanfront beach, a sparkling lake or a tranquil mountain, these spots will leave you feeling totally refreshed.

Nordfjord is a traditional district of Norway. The region is located in the northern part of Sogn & Fjordane. It centers around the Nordfjorden and it comprises the municipalities of Selje, Vågsøy, Bremanger, Eid, Gloppen, Hornindal, and Stryn. The Nordfjord region covers an area of about 4,295 square kilometres and is home to a population of approximately 32,464.

Nordfjord has a spectacular and varied nature between glacier, fjord and the sea, and is the perfect destination if you are looking for an active holiday. Nordfjorden is the sixth longest in Norway stretching 106 kilometres from the island of Husevågøy at the mouth to the village of Loen at the other end. Skåla mountain 1.848 meters is Norway´s longest uphill stretch. On the top you have an amazing view over the fjord and you can visit Skålatårnet.

The region encompasses the rough coastline of the Stadlandet peninsula to the Jostedalsbreen, Europe´s largest mainland glacier. The region also includes the Hornindalsvatnet lake, Europe´s deepest lake at 514 metres below sea level. The glacier Briksdalsbreen is particularly scenic. The Stryn area provides year-round alpine skiing, the Gjølmunnebridge, and there are numerous old fishing communities along the fjord going back to pre-Viking times.

From the Trollenyken 494 meters mountain peak in Eid you can enjoy a panoramic view of the fjords and the mountains. At the pilgrim monestary of Selje you can visit the monastery ruins and learn about the legend of legend of St. Sunniva.

There are several smaller fjords which branch off the main Nordfjorden: Eidsfjorden, Ålfotfjorden, Hyefjorden, and Gloppefjorden. The fjord reaches a maximum-depth of 565 metres near the mouth of the Eidsfjorden and also by the village of Bryggja.

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