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 Haugjegla Lighthouse

Haugjegla Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse located in Smøla. It is located on a waveswept skerry about 1 kilometre north of Veiholmen on the north side of the island of Smøla. The lighthouse is only accessible by boat. Haugjegla is also known as Veiholmen Lighthouse. Haugjegla is sometimes spelled Hauggjegla. Norwegian spelling can vary quite a bit according to local dialect.

Haugjegla Lighthouse was erected in 1922 and became fully automated in 1988. It has views that allow you to see details miles and miles away! It sits at the end of a long, narrow peninsula sticking out from the northern coast of Smøla into the Norwegain Sea. If you are looking for something special, you have to visit this lighthouse. It is 28 meters, and contains kitchen, bathroom, toilets, diningroom, livingroom, and 4 bedrooms. It can accomodate 10 persons.

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