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Vassfaret is a forest valley between Hallingdal and Valdres, bordering Flå, Nes, Ringerike in Buskerud and Sør-Aurdal in Oppland. The valley is said to be between the Hallingdal and Hedalen in the traditional district of Valdres.

A special area covering cultural protection covers about 8 km² within the Inner Vassfaret landscape protection area. It is about 30 km long, with lakes and rivers with remnants from the timber floating era. There are streams, steeps and rocky mountains. Archaeological finds show that Vassfaret has seen human activity as early as in times before the Black Death struck Norway (1349). Vassfaret had, in larger ages, permanent settlements until 1921, when the last inhabitants left Vassfaret fore Flå. In Flå you may pursue your hobbies of fishing, canoeing or hiking.

All togheter there are the remains of 12 farms and subsidiary places, as well as the remains of mountain farms. Timber production has existed for more than 300 years. Vassfaret and Vidalen was made a protected area by Royal Decree on June 28th, 1985. The intention is to take care of characteristic flora and fauna of eastern Norway, especially as an area for bears. as well as the cultural remains from logging and floating. A cultural protection plan was made for an area for about 8 sq.km within the inner Vassfaret landscape protection area. Within this area there is logging by the old methods, and the logs are transported by horse. Every spring the logs are floated downstream into the Nevlingen River.

During World War II (1940-45), there was intense activity in Vassfaret. It was the homeground of the operational base code-named ELG and the location for many parachute drops. Vassfaret in the past was a good area for bears. The last bear shot fell at Bukollen in 1956. The authors Mikkjel Fønhus, Per Hohle and Edvard Elsrud have written many bookds based on the history and legends from Vassfaret. From Flå you can go to Vassfaret with roads from Gulsvik, Veneli and Domfet.

Vassfaret Nature Trail goes through the central part of Vassfaret that is part of Flå community. The nature trail has 20 information posts with 38 placards which tell about Vassfaret´s geology, plant life, cultural history, protection plans, forest use, hunting and fishing etc. The trail is about 16 km long. At Likkistefjell there is a good view over Vassfaret.

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