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Kongeparken (The King´s park) is an amusement park in the village Ålgård, near Stavanger. Kongeparken is the biggest amusement park in the southwest and Rogaland´s biggest tourist attraction. The park offers over 50 different rides and adventures for the entire family and has been awarded several times for good service and innovative attractions.

Kongeparken has over 50 rides and adventures besides the restaurants and the other things you expect to find in an amusement park. The park has an expansive renewal program and introduces new rides every year. In 2013 the waterride "Fossen" was introduced - the has been the biggest news ever, since the parks opening in 1986.

Kongeparken is an amusement park aimed at children between 3–12 years, but also offers adventures for children of all ages, the focus is on the family. As a guest you can sled down Norway´s longest (1000 meter) bobsleigh track, learn about and make your own chocolate in Freia´s Magical Chocolate Factory or lend a digital 2D or 3D camera.

In the Children´s fire station the children can learn about fire safety, drive the fire trucks and help put out a fire. After finishing they graduate as fire inspectors. In 2013 the waterride "Fossen" (The waterfall) was added, this is an experience for the whole family. The park is full of exciting rides for the entire family.

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