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The mountain farm lies around 1.000 metres above sea level. The construction of the farm started i 1978 to realise the family Thorson´s dream of a sanctuary for animals, birds and people. Langedrag lies like a fairy-tale castle in beautiful surroundings, with magnificent views of the lakes and mountains between Hallingdal and Numedal.

We want the farm to be at one with nature as far as possible. With a great deal of respect for nature´s own selection over millions of years, here at Langedrag we have tried to conserve the most natural and primitive breeds of each kind of animal. Examples of this are the Norwegian fjordponies, the goats, the mouflon sheep, the highland cattle and pigeons. They all have markings and colours which nature has given them in the competition for survival.

On the farm there are about 22 different kinds of animals and birds with around 250 in total. The number varies with the seasons. In particular there are large fluctuations in the numbers of pigeons and rabbits because of birds of prey, foxes and stoats. By following the map on other side you can take a tour with a chance of seeing all the animals at Langedrag.

On the farm, both young and old can wander around and experience the pleasures of petting our numerous domestic animals. Whilst in the nature park, you can encounter rare, wild animals such as wolves, lynx, and polarfox. Norwegian wild animals live and graze in close proximity to the farm.

Tunhovd is a hamlet at the top of the Nore and Uvdal municipality in Buskerud county. The hamlet has from time immemorial been built with mountain farms, and lies on the road between Rukkedalen and Skurdalen. Tunhovdfjorden belong to Numedalslågen river and take in the water from Skurdalen further up.

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