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 Polar Park

The Polar Park is the world´s northernmost wildlife park located in Bardu. The park opened on 18 June 1994, and is based around showing off animals in their natural habitat. With only 12 enclosures on 114 acres, the park has the worlds biggest area per animal ratio.

The park specializes in Nordic fauna, including most of the big predators of the arctic: Brown bear, lynx, wolf, and wolverine. There´s also moose, red deer, reindeer, musk ox, and polar fox. There are also areas where you can barbecue, ride horses, play miniature golf or just relax. The park is adapted for wheelchair users.

Polar Park is more than a traditional zoo. We place great emphasis on animal welfare. We give animals large areas to create an as natural as possible habitat for the animals. Our main goal is to create a Norwegian wilderness experience, with the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway´s nature as a setting for your visit to Polar Park.

Rohkunborri National Park is only 12 km from the Polar Park.

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