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Dyrsku´n is an annual agricultural show held in Seljord. It originates from the first exhibition held in 1866. Dyrsku´n was primarily a showcase for the breed Telemark cattle. Today´s show has a wider agricultural scope, and attracts about 70-80,000 visitors. In addition to the agricultural exhibition (Dyrsku´n), Dyrskuplassen hosts a variety of activities, such as markets, concerts, religious gatherings and festivals. Among annual summer festivals are the Seljord Festival, and the Country Festival.

In 1866 State Agronomist Johan Lindeqvist organized the first cattle show in Seljord, an exhibition of the breed Telemark cattle. This event was the first of the later annual Dyrsku´n show. The show is held each year in September.

From 1867 the festival had a cowshed with room for 200 cattle. This was expanded to 300 cattle in 1897. From 1947 other cattle breeds were allowed, in addition to the Telemark cattle. In 1962 Dyrsku´n included an exhibition of home arts and crafts articles for the first time. The number of visitors exceeded 20,000 first time in 1970, and 50,000 first time in 1981. In 2002 the number of visitors first time exceeded 75,000.

The site Dyrskuplassen was donated to the municipality of Seljord in 1865 by farmer Even Høyesen. From 1866 the site has been the location of the annual agricultural exhibition Dyrsku´n. The site is an ancient graveyard, and according to publications from the 18th century there were around 150 gravemounds in the area. In 1893 archeologist Nicolay Nicolaysen administered excavation of thirty gravemounds at the site.

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