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 Fagskolen Tinius Olsen
 Tinius Olsen

Tinius Olsen was a Norwegian born, American engineer and inventor. He was the founder of the Tinius Olsen Engineering Testing Machine Company, a maker of material testing machines. He was awarded the Elliott Cresson Medal of The Franklin Institute in 1891. Olsen graduated from the Royal Norwegian Navy technical school at Horten in 1866.

The Tinius Olsens School (Fagskolen Tinius Olsen) is a combined technical vocational college and secondary school in Kongsberg. The school offers courses covering industrial and trade related subjects, as well as a foundation for the study of advanced technology. A section of the school offers advanced subjects, as well as arranging courses on request from the industry in Kongsberg.

The school offers several courses covering trades and industries related subjects, general area of study, technical college and a foundation year for colleges of advanced technology. A section of Tinius Olsens school, "Tinius Ressurs", offers various up-grading courses, as well as arranging courses on request from the industry in Kongsberg. The college of advanced technology in Kongsberg was earlier a part of Tinius Olsens School.

The founder, Tinius Olsen, started his working carreer at Kongsberg Weaponfactory. Later he went on to study mechanical engineering in Horten, and then he emigrated to Philadelphia in USA, where he in the year of 1880 founded Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co Inc. Tinius Olsen never forgot his hometown in Norway, and he donated money for various projects in Kongsberg. One of his main concerns was the education of young people. Today, Tinius Olsen is regarded as the main benefactor in the history of Kongsberg, and a monument to his remembrance is therefore raised in the park next to the school.

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