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 Facts about NORWAY

There are approximately 5.245.041 million Norwegians, most of whom live in urban areas and all of whom enjoy uncrowded surroundings. Norway is divided into 19 countys + Svalbard. Each County is divided into different muncipalities. Norway is officially the best place in the world to live, according to the UN. Oslo is Norway´s capital with a population of about six hundred thousand people. In addition to being the seat of government, Oslo is the business and cultural capital of the nation. In Norway the currency is named Kroner (NOK).


The international newspaper the Huffington Post is charmed by the beauty of Norway´s fjords and islands, the midnight sun and the northern lights. A major international newspaper does not often declare a place to be the greatest place on Earth, but the Huffington Post just did, listing 25 reasons why that place is Norway. Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It´s home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people. Norway´s not cheap. But it´s worth it.

Based on the most recent release of the Human Development Index by the United Nations Development Programme, 24/7 Wall St. and Time reviewed the most and least livable countries. Data from the Human Development Index is based on three dimensions of human progress — having a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable, and having a good standard of living. According to the index, Norway is the most livable country in the world, while Niger is the least livable.

CNN Travel. When the United Nations declared March 20 the International Day of Happiness, it recognized the relevance of "happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world." This officially designated happy date is marking its second year. The happiest of countries, many of which are in Scandinavia according the latest World Happiness Report, have a robust combination of higher life expectancy, gross domestic product per capita, social support, generosity, freedom to make life choices and lower perceptions of corruption.

CNN Travel´s 10 of the world´s most underrated cities. By European standards it´s compact, and locals are proud of Bergen´s small town charm and laid-back atmosphere. Perhaps because of their proximity to better-known locales, travelers too often neglect legitimately interesting cities.

Here are National Geographic Traveler picks for the ten best sculpture parks in the world. Artscape Nordland (SALT, Langsanden at Sandhornøya). Beacons, shelters, huts, human figures, pyramids, and other monumental sculptures by internationally renowned artists such as Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley have been installed on rocks, beaches, cliffs, and in fields along northern Norway’s beautiful, remote, and sparsely populated Atlantic coast.

USA TODAY showing the best cruises for stunning photos. Norway´s crystal-clear fjords, like the Geirangerfjord, serve up one picture-postcard scene after another. The views seen from cruise ships tend to linger in your memory and make your fingers itch for a camera. Whether you are shooting with your iPhone or digital camera or using film, there are some places around the world where postcard-perfect scenery abounds.

The Best Coastal Drives by Conde Nast Traveler is The Atlantic Ocean Road, a short but breathtaking drive, winter or summer.

Lonely Planet´s travel experts have explored every corner of Europe. Along the way they´ve discovered untouristed villages, hidden beaches, clandestine nightlife and mouthwatering authentic cuisine. Kjerringøy described as one of Europe´s best kept secrets. Some of these places are so secret you won´t even find them in Lonely Planet guidebooks.

Businessinsider write that Norway is the best place to grow old, according to the latest Global Age Watch index of 96 countries.

Top 5 Cold Weather Destinations by Weather Channel. Mentioned Norway and two of my favorite hikes of Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten.

Men have strong opinions about travel destinations, and askmen.com surveyed them about where they´d like to cruise. Here is the website´s Top 10 Cruise Destinations.

In addition, our national tourist roads and all installations built in the countryside around them received broad coverage in the international media over the past year - most recently in a German picture book where the tourist roads our devoted 160 pages...

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