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 Det Norske Myntverket

The Norwegian Mint was established under the name of The Royal Mint in 1686 The company was part Kongsberg Silver Mines and its purpose was to make coins of silver from the mines. Upon transfer to Norges Bank in 1962, had mint in the meantime, including been centrally controlled from Copenhagen and the Ministry of Finance, but the connection to the silver mines remained until this was discontinued in 1957.

1 January 2001, the mint was spun off as a separate company with Norges Bank as sole owner. Norges Bank sold all its shares in the company on 30 June 2003 to the two companies Samlerhuset AS and Mint of Finland Ltd. each now own 50%. The company changed its name from the Den Kongelige Mynt to Det Norske Myntverket in 2004. The Norwegian Mint mark all Norwegian coin, and the traditional mining mark - crossed pick and hammer - is still used as the mintmark on all Norwegian coins.

The Norwegian Mint delivers ranging from more sculptural medals to simple labels. Medal for long and faithful service awarding employees with at least 30 years with the same employer is made since 1888. Likewise, the Nobel Peace Prize Medal been produced here for over 100 years.

A selection of medals and coins produced by the Norwegian Mint are on display in the museum, which is a department of the Norwegian Mining Museum.

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