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 Nore Stave Church

Nore and Uvdal is part of the traditional region of Numedal. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Rødberg. The municipal centre is the village of Rødberg. Nore and Uvdal are the two other villages in the municipality. Nore og Uvdal is bordered in the north by the municipalities of Hol, Ål, and Nes - in the east by Flå and Sigdal - in the south by Rollag, Tinn, and Vinje and in the west by Eidfjord.

The municipality is located at the top of the valley and traditional district of Numedal, with a widely spread area of 2,505 square kilometres. The municipality´s highest point is the Borgsjåbrot mountain at 1,485 metres. It is located on the border with Tinn municipality. A large part of the Hardangervidda plateau lies within the municipality´s borders. Lakes in the municipality include Geitsjøen and Hettefjorden.

Attractions in Nore og Uvdal are Langedrag Mountain Farm, a resort in the mountain focusing on ecology and animals, Uvdal Skisenter, an alpine resort located in Uvdal, Uvdal Alpinpark, another alpine resort located in Uvdal, on the other side of the valley, Nore Stave Church built around 1166 - 1200 and Uvdal Stave Church, constructed just after the year 1168.

 Nore and Uvdal
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