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flytoget, Airport Express Train

Flytoget, the Airport Express Train is a Norwegian high-speed airport rail link connecting Oslo Airport, Gardermoen to Oslo Central Station in nineteen minutes. Run by Flytoget, it operates on the high-speed Gardermoen Line using sixteen GMB Class 71 electric trains. Normal service frequency is once every ten minutes, with half the services continuing westwards to Drammen Station. The extended services serve nine stops within Greater Oslo and take up to 60 minutes.

The service is the only high-speed rail service in operation in Norway, with a top speed of 210 kilometres per hour. Founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of the Norwegian State Railways. The service began with the opening of the airport in 1998.Since 2001 the company has been owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Oslo Airport Station, is a railway station located in the airport terminal building of Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Located on the Gardermoen Line, it is served by the Airport Express Trains, express trains to Trondheim and Oslo, regional trains to Lillehammer and Skien (via Oslo) and commuter trains to Eidsvoll and Kongsberg (via Oslo).

Lillestrøm Station

Lillestrøm Station is a railway station located at Lillestrøm. The station serves as the main transport hub of the eastern parts of Greater Oslo and all trains east of Oslo stop at Lillestrøm. The station is located on both the Gardermoen Line and the Trunk Line, and is the terminus of the Kongsvinger Line.

Oslo Central Station (Oslo S)

Oslo Central Station is the main railway station in Oslo, and the largest railway station within the entire Norwegian railway system. It is the terminus of Drammen Line, Gardermoen Line, Gjøvik Line, Hoved Line and Østfold Line. It serves express, regional and local rail services by four companies.

Oslo Central has nineteen tracks, thirteen of which have connections through the Oslo Tunnel. The station has two buildings, the original Oslo East building and the newer main building for Oslo Central. Each building houses a large shopping centre. The square in front of the station is called Jernbanetorget.

Nationaltheatret Station

Nationaltheatret Station is an underground railway station on the Drammen Line serving Vika and the central business district of Oslo. It is the second-busiest railway station in Norway, behind Oslo Central Station (Oslo S), from which Nationaltheatret is 1.4 kilometers away.

The station is located below an Oslo Metro station with the same name. At ground level there is transfer to the Oslo Tramway and Ruter buses. Nationaltheatret is the only underground mainline railway station in Norway, and named for the adjacent National Theatre. The station opened as the terminus of Holmenkollbanen´s light rail services in 1928.

Skøyen Station

Skøyen is a railway station located in Oslo and is part of Drammen Line. The station serves commuter trains, some regional trains and Flytoget airport express train service. Though some continue on, the station is the terminus for several commuter trains in the Greater Oslo area. In addition, some of the regional trains on the Vestfold Line stop at the station. The next stop westwards is Lysaker Station and eastward Nationaltheatret Station. The Norwegian Space Centre can be reached from this station.

Lysaker Station

Lysaker Station is a railway station on the Drammen Line and Asker Line. Located 7.00 kilometers from Oslo Central Station, Lysaker is served a mix of the Norwegian State Railways express, regional and Oslo Commuter Rail trains, as well as the Airport Express Train. The station is elevated and features two island platforms with four tracks.

Traditionally only served by commuter trains, the station was branded as Lysaker/Fornebu from 1990 to 2000 because of its vicinity to Oslo Airport, Fornebu. The station was rebuilt again from 2006 to 2009 in which it was expanded from two to four tracks. It became connected to the Asker Line in 2011.

Sandvika Station

Sandvika Station is a railway station situated on the Drammen Line, 14.14 kilometers from Oslo Central Station, it also an intermediate station of the Asker Line. The Norwegian State Railways serves the station with local and regional, with about 7,000 passengers using the station daily. It is also served by the Airport Express Train and serves as the main bus terminal for the town. The station is elevated and has two island platforms and four tracks.

Asker Station

Asker Station is a railway station located in downtown Asker. Situated on the Drammen Line, 23.83 kilometers from Oslo Central Station, it also serves as the terminus of the Asker Line and the Spikkestad Line. The station is located just southwest of the Asker Tunnel and the Skaugum Tunnel, and just northeast the Lieråsen Tunnel. The Norwegian State Railways serves the station with local, regional and intercity trains. It is also served by the Airport Express Train and serves as the main bus terminal for the town. The station has six tracks and four platforms, consisting of two island platforms and two side platforms.

The Lieråsen Tunnel opened in 1973, cutting the distance to Drammen, and resulted in the old line becoming the Spikkestad Line. The station received an overhaul in 1998 and again in 2006. The latter was in conjunction with the construction of the Asker Line.

Drammen Station

Drammen is a railway station located in downtown Drammen. The station is the terminus of both the Sørlandet Line, the Drammen Line and the Vestfold Line. It was opened in 1866 with the opening of the Randsfjorden Line. The station is served by local trains to Oslo, Kongsberg and Eidsvoll, regional trains on the Vestfold Line and express trains to Bergen on the Bergen Line and to Kristiansand on the Sørlandet Line. From 20 August 2009, the station became the terminus of the Airport Express Train.



Oslo Gardermoen airport has it´s own railway station. The trains are high speed train, which take you right to Oslo city center (central station). There is a train every 15 minutes, so it´s very convenient.

Departures operate every ten minutes from Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) to the airport. Half of the trains originate in Drammen, making five intermediate stops before Oslo S, and again at Lillestrøm.

The other half go directly from Oslo S to Gardermoen. On Saturdays, Sunday mornings and in most of July, Flytoget does not operate the direct trains from Oslo S—only the 20-minute headway all-stop trains.

While the services northeast from Oslo S to the airport use the high-speed Gardermo Line, those westwards towards Asker use the Drammen Line built in 1870–72; so while the 48 kilometres from Oslo S to the airport can be done in 19 minutes, the 24 kilometres from Asker to Oslo S takes 26 minutes.

The latter does however include stops at five stations: Nationaltheatret, Skøyen, Lysaker, Sandvika and Asker.

Competition is offered from other means of ground transport and by NSB who operate trains from Oslo to the airport.

This includes one hourly departure with line 450 of the Oslo Commuter Rail north to Eidsvoll and south to Oslo, Drammen and Kongsberg; one regional train hourly north to Hamar and Lillehammer and south to Vestfold; and four daily express trains to Trondheim calling Oslo Airport Station, including one night train (although the express trains to Trondheim do not accept passengers only travelling between Oslo and Gardermoen).

The price of a ticket to Oslo is NOK 170, though higher if departing from Sandvika, Asker and Drammen. Reduced fares with 50% discount are offered to senior citizens, children, youth under 21 years, students, benefit recipients and military personnel.

Flytoget tickets are not valid on NSB trains, and vice versa. NSB tickets are generally cheaper, though not for some groups with reduced fare; for instance students are granted a greater discount with Flytoget than with NSB. Ticket can either be bought at vending machines or as e-tickets; there is no seat reservation.

Flytoget transported 5.4 million passengers in 2007, a 34% market share of airport ground transport. Flytoget boasts a high service quality, with 96% of departures arriving within 3 minutes of schedule and only 0.4% of departures canceled. Part of this is due to the airport express trains receiving priority over other trains in the limited capacity around Oslo.

Flytoget was announced to have the most satisfied, and the fourth most loyal customers of all Norwegian companies in 2008, by the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Norwegian School of Management.

The same year Flytoget was declared the best place of work in Norway by Great Place to Work. During the 2007 recruitment half of the newly educated train divers chose Flytoget over NSB, mostly due to higher wages.