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 Hjellegjerde AS

Hjellegjerde is a leading Norwegian company within furniture production. The company was listed in the period between 1997 and 2010 as Hjellegjerde ASA and the Group had during this period several subsidiaries; Hjellegjerde Furniture AS, Hjellegjerde AS and Hove AS. These Norwegian companies are now merged together in the main company Hjellegjerde. The company owns production company in Lithuania (Hjellegjerde Baltjia) and Thailand (Hjellegjerde Asia Co. Ltd.).

Hjellegjerde furniture was established in 1941 by brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde in village Sykkylven. The company started with the production of furniture in the basement of Otto and Henny Hjellegjerde. In 1946 was also the third brother, Ingvald Hjellegjerde with the firm.

The company has experienced two fires, the largest of these in 1981, where half of the factory, about 4500 m² were lost. A whole life´s work went up in smoke, but the second generation along with the staff managed to clean up after the fire and get production going again. Already months after production was resumed. In 1981 opened the factory a new and modern factory building solution.

Since its inception in 1941 grew Hjellegjerde from being a small family business to become a large, publicly traded company with a market share in three continents; Europe, USA and Asia.

The company has quote system 2000s restructured production and supply chain as a whole. This has come as a consequence of market developments and opportunities that the company"s production plant in Lithuania and Thailand invites, in a balance of an offensive supply chain strategy. The company´s development is still based in Sykkylven.

In autumn 2010, took over the company Stavanger Interstil AS shares in the listed company and took the company private. Ownership of Hjellegjerde is today holding company Interstil Holding AS. Company former factory property in Sykkylven now owned by Hjellegjerde Property AS, and it is now Hjellegjerde Commercial that collects tenants in the premises.

Hjellegjerde are common trademark for all furniture produced by the group. Fjords was launched in January 2006. The name serves as unifying the marketing name for the company´s international program function furniture. The new chair concept Fjords MotionConcept was launched in 2013

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