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 Brunstad AS

Brunstad is a leading Norwegian company within furniture production. Hjalmar Brunstad, started to create furniture in his cellar when twenty-two years old. He was an ambitious craftsman with a good eye for fabric and design. Today Brunstad is run by Helge Brunstad.

Will power, pride and well performed workmanship have always been at the core of Brunstad´s business. A focus on solid craftsmanship, correct furniture materials and design are something we have preserved and updated in line with development. The furniture must be comfortable, have an attractive design and use the correct materials and fabrics - if it´s to withstand use. It has always been important for Brunstad to deliver a proper standard of work.

Brunstad create quality furniture and are not known for taking shortcuts. A piece of Brunstad furniture will remain handsome for many, many years to come.

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