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 Nordnes Sea Baths

Nordnes is a peninsular area and lies between the Vågen, Byfjorden, and Puddefjorden. Akvariet i Bergen (Bergen Aquarium) is located at the tip of the peninsula. Havforskningsinstituttet, (Norwegian Institute of Marine Research), Fiskeridirektoratet, some parts of Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College), Nordnes skole, Tollboden in Baroque style. In Nordnesparken is Nordnes Sea Baths. Nordnes is also home to buekorpset (brigade) Nordnæs Bataillon. In the seaside facing the Vågen is the preserved old boathouses (Nordnes Booths).

Nordnes peninsula also includes districts yard with kulturhuset USF, TV2, Fredriksberg Fortress and Carte Blanche, Strandsiden (Beach side) with Nykirken from 1763, fire tower Corps de Garde from 1870, Bergen Technical School, Bjørgvin high school, Muren from 1561 and Buekorps Museum and Nøstet with Klostergarage, Stranges foundation and Sydnes sjøbad (Sydnes Sea Baths).

In the area was also Munkeliv monastery 1110. Ludvig Holberg was born at Holbergsallmenningen in 1684. Just beside this stands the statue of Amalie Skram in a small park called Klosterhaugen.

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