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Norway´s distinguished maritime history was not well known outside of Norway. Much of the documentation and scholarly maritime research of the accomplishments of Norwegian ships and their seamen are written in Norwegian, making more widespread knowledge a challenge. From the well-preserved Viking ship Oseberg built in the year 834 discovered in a large burial mound. The ship and some of its contents are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum. Roald Amundsen´s arduous journey with the sloop GJØA to discover the Northwest Passage to todays small boats producers and Shipyards.

The Norwegian tradition of building high quality boats has been around for decades and we feel a great sense of honor to be associated with that tradition. The Made in Norway logo means exceptional craftsmanship.

CLASS 1 is considered one of the most spectacular motorsports in the world. "Spirit of Norway" was a Norwegian boat race team in Class One. The boats were 12.65 meters long and 3.74 meters wide and weighed 4,800 kilograms. They had two pieces Lamborghini SKEMA 8.2 liter V12 engine, which gave 920 horsepower per pack by 8200 rpm. minute, and could do over 140 knots.

The boats were run by Bård Eker, Bjørn Rune Gjelsten and Kjell Inge Røkke. Gjelsten was five times world champion with trottelmann Steve Curtis and Eiker stands with one title. After the 2007 season, the team was closed down after 10 years.


Askeladden is Norway´s largest manufacturer of leisure boats Production is placed in Hagavik. Our vision is to set the standard for the future of boating. Askeladden leisure boats represent thorough and solid quality, designed for Scandinavian conditions, and built for problem-free, fun boating even in rough weather. Askeladden quality requirements are your best guarantee for great boating. Exceptional hull quality. Askeladden hulls are made using multi-axial fibre mats to provide maximum hull strength.


The Windy Boats brand was first established in 1973, and today draws on over 40 years experience to offer some of the highest quality, and most respected Sports Boats and Performance Yachts available in the market today. The Windy ethos is very much that of a boat builder and not that of a mass production manufacturer, resulting in a true sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and pride from all those involved.


Since our inception, the goal of Hydrolift was to create fast, efficient speedboats used for pleasure and racing throughout the world. Hydrolift has evolved tremendously from our early days to the innovative company we are now. We have taken that history and added the modern Hydrolift design elements that can only be found on a Hydrolift boat. Today, Hydrolift boats are industry leaders in technological innovation and design that continue to push the limits of luxury and performance.


Marex is one of the most enduring and respected names in Norwegian boatbuilding tradition. Now owned and run by brothers Espen & Thomas Aalrud, they continue the fine traditions established by their father from Day 1.

It is true to admit that Marex is more known in Nordic waters than in the UK but Wessex expects to change that in the years to come. And being a well kept secret can be the best news! Today´s range combines a great blend of traditional sportscruising with the latest Aft Cabin cruisers designed and built by the second generation of the family.


Draco was founded by Kaare Drangsholt in a Norwegian garage in the late sixties. He followed his vision, and in fierce competition with other manufacturers, developed DRACO boats to become Europe+s largest motor boat manufacturer of the seventies. A new line of highly modern boats will be introdused to new and old Draco enthusiasts. The Draco 27 RS has won the prestigious "European Powerboat of the Year" award yesterday at what is known as "the Oscars of boat awards"!


Scand Boats/Agder Boat vision is to be part of "creating a better experience at sea" This by focusing on exceptional product quality and good customer support. Our boats can generally be divided into two categories - pleasure boats with inboard engines and leisure boats with outboard motors. The boats are of various lengths ranging from 16 to 39 feet. We also customize boats to customers, making sure the boats being delivered is not hundred percent identical.


A Fembøring is an open, clinker-built, wooden boat of the Nordland or Åfjord type, with similar proportions and appearance as smaller boats of the type (such as faerings). Fembørings traditionally are constructed of fir or pine, are rowed or sailed, and were used as fishing boats.

There are many who follow the sound of the riveting hammer.


In August, boat lovers flock to Risør to enjoy the elegant lines and traditional workmanship of Europe´s largest collection of wooden boats during the Wooden Boat Festival. Wooden boats reaching as far as the eye can see. Framed by the white houses of Sørlandet. A glimpse of the past and an exotic southern atmosphere throughout the town.


After eight years working as a consulting engineer and naval architect notably as project manager of the Eco project, Espen Øino set up his own studio in 1994. Espen Øino is today located in Monaco and is considered to be one of the leading design studios of large custom motor yachts. Although EOI attaches a lot of importance to sketching, particularly in the early stages of projects, EOI produces the designs, both two- and three-dimensional, and carry out calculations with the most up-to-date software available on the market.

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