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 Edvard Munch

Kragerø is a town and municipality in Telemark county. The London-based newspaper The Independent, published an article on Kragerø stating that "When Norwegians want to get away from it all they head for Kragerø. Forests, fjords and islands await them at the place where Edvard Munch found peace and relaxation."

Edvard Munch fell in love with Kragerø in his time, and called it "The Pearl of the Coastal Towns" (Perlen blandt kystbyene). In 2002, The Independent published an article on the region´s coastline saying that "It may not have many sandy beaches, but the coast of Norway offers sophistication and stunning scenery."

The built-up area occupies virtually the whole of Kragerø island as well as the mainland, with many attractive houses and narrow, twisting lanes, passages and steps. Artists such as Thaulow and Peters have found inspiration in Kragerø in both summer and winter and this, too, is where Edvard Munch painted his murals for the University of Oslo auditorium.

Kragerø´s own son, Theodor Kittelsen, has faithfully reproduced what he has seen of the local landscape and the inhabitants on canvas. In all 1,200 metres of guest quays in Kragerø town: Gunnarsholmen, Barthebrygga, Lilletorvet by the town bridge, Blindtarmen, Dampskipskaia, Bryggasenteret etc. Modern shower and W.C. building. Power and water quayside, laundry etc.

Kragerø Fjordbåtselskap ferries operates Kragerø archipelago throughout the year.

Jomfruland is a small elongated island located off the coast of mainland, about 2 km south of the island of Stråholmen. Jomfruland Lighthouse is aproximately on the island´s center there are two white lighthouses – one old and one new. Only the newer is in use today. The lighthouses are most characteristic and can be seen from all sides. These towers are often referred to as the characterizing feature of Kragerø and the archipelago.

Every summer during the "two towers" on the island Jomfruland the rock band Di Derre hold a concert.

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