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 Henrik Ibsen

Gvarv is located at the northern end of Lake Norsjø approximately seven kilometers east of . Highway 36 runs through Gvarv and northwest Bø and Seljord. Five kilometers east of Gvarv is the municipal center Akkerhaugen.

Gvarv is considered Norway´s fruit capital, and the center is strongly influenced by the parish main industry. A large fruit warehouse occupies nearly half of one side of the center - while eatery "core house" is on the opposite side.

Municipal weapon is a gilded apple tree on blue background. Gvarv has the largest tribe of beavers and beaver safari is a popular tourist activity.

Erik Werenskiold painted some of his most famous landscapes in suburbs of Gvarv, including "Telemarksjenter" (Telemark Girls). The highly controversial body artist Arild Rekkedal is one of those who currently attends some of Gvarv art traditions. Another is a printmaker Olav Bjørgum.

In the middle of the fruit village lies Lindheim Frukt with beautiful views over Lake Norsjø south and towards Lifjell mountain in the north. During the summer season we offer fruit juice, jam and wine from our own farm shop. Lindheim Frukt brew their own beer and Ratebeer describes the Lindheim Frukt so: "the new star on the Norwegian beer scene, exploding out of nowhere”.

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