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Today, Flørli is a small, abandoned industrial settlement situated in Lysefjord. The story behind the hydroelectric power station, the water pipes feeding the station and the 4444 steps built along the water pipes, supposedly the longest wooden steps in the world.

The last resident of Flørli left in 1999, but lately people have been moving back and are creating an area of cultural activities. Many enthusiasts are currently working to bring new life to the village, based on outdoor recreational activities and culture. Flørli is for the active, but is also a place where you can relax and take things easy.

The Flørli Steps, in Lysefjorden, have 4,444 wooden steps which climb from sea level to 740 metres (2,428 feet). It is a maintenance stairway for the water pipeline to the old Flørli hydro plant. The hydro plant is now closed down, and the stairs are open to the public. The stairway is claimed to be the longest wooden stairway in the world.

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