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 Anders Fannemel

Anders Fannemel is a Norwegian ski jumper and represents the sports club Hornindal IL, and lives in Hornindal. Fannemel started ski jumping when he was 14 year old, which is very late compared to other elite ski jumpers. Fannemels holds the world record for longest ski jump at 251.5 meters, which he jumped in Vikersund.

He made his debut in the Continental Cup in September 2008 in Lillehammer, scoring two seventh places over two days. He finished in lower positions throughout the rest of the 2008–09 season, but in the 2009–10 season he recorded a fifth and a first place in the Continental Cup, again in Lillehammer, in August 2009. He made his World Cup debut in December 2009, again in Lillehammer, and collected his first World Cup points by finishing tenth.

On Mars 18th 2017 Robert Johansson (Lillhammer) jumped 252 meters and 33 minutes later he lost the new world record to Stefan Kraft (Austria) when he jumped 253,5 meters!

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