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Mongstad site sits on the border of the municipalities of Lindås and Austrheim, with most of the site in Lindås. The site features an oil refinery for Statoil and other oil companies, including Shell. At Mongstad, Statoil has a crude oil terminal with a capacity of 9.5 million barrels (1,510,000 m3). The port at Mongstad is the largest in Norway, measured in tonnage.

The refinery at Mongstad is modern, and has been extensively upgraded, with a capacity of 12 million tonnes of crude oil per year (230,000 barrels per day). The refinery is the largest in Norway, though medium sized by European standards. It is owned by a company called Mongstad Refining, in which Statoil has a 79% ownership share and Shell has a 21% ownership share.

All the crude oil refined at Mongstad comes from the North Sea. The largest production is petrol, diesel, jet fuel, and light petroleum products. The heaviest components are used to make petrol coke, an important ingredient in anodes for aluminum production.

In 2010, Statoil and DONG Energy opened the Mongstad Power Station, a natural gas-fired thermal power plant, to provide the site with heat energy and electricity, as well as power to the Troll gas field.

Statoil built a natural gas-fired thermal power plant at Mongstad in 2010. The carbon dioxide emissions that were predicted to result aroused public controversy as the project was being built.

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