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 Ivan Storm Juliussen
 Bente Storm Juliussen

Ivan Storm Juliussen was born in Eng. 40 years ago he came to Bryne for the first time, together with Elisabeth Grannemann. Ivan Storm Juliussen has never gone to someone art school, 90 percent of what he paint is selfmade.

My father said that you need to start painting, otherwise it becomes too late. Father had discovered my talent då my childhood, and would that I should go in his footsteps. Interest for ship painting he got from his uncle. Ivan was three or four years when he asked his uncle to lift up so he could see what was on top of the cabinet. There stood a model ship he had maid, it gave the kid a kick and he started to made models himself.

At Sola Strand Hotel the Nordsjøsenteret (The North Sea centre) with its 6 group rooms and 2 meeting rooms with panoramic views over the beach and the North Sea was inaugurated in December 1998. Adjoining the meeting room Ellens Utsikt in Nordsjøsenteret is the lounge Stormsalongen. The walls of this lounge are covered with paintings from the local maritime painter Ivan Storm Juliussen.

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